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Team Rankings

Aside from the fun and challenge of chasing promotion, divisional titles and the showpiece WES Cup, we also have team rankings, which rank orders all 900 teams in WES against one another based on their [...]

Player Lottery & Free Agents

Welcome to our introduction on the player lottery and free agents, a crucial aspect in building and developing your team over the seasons. As you may have read/learnt already, WES doesn't have a transfer system [...]

Quick Fire Basics

Welcome to our quick fire basics section, which aims to cover some of the most common aspects of getting to grips with World Elite Soccer. It won't go into much detail, but you can check [...]

The Offseason

Whilst the offseason may not be the most important or exciting part of WES, it’s worth highlighting what it is and when it runs, particularly for newer managers. Each season always finishes with the [...]

Cup & Friendly Matches

Non-league matches in World Elite Soccer are typically used to fill up free game dates in the calendar not occupied by league matches. There is 3 types of non-league matches, which are discussed in [...]