Welcome to our quick fire basics section, which aims to cover some of the most common aspects of getting to grips with World Elite Soccer. It won’t go into much detail, but you can check out some of the other categories for more depth.

What is World Elite Soccer?

An online football/soccer management game with fictional game worlds that each contain 900 unique teams based on cities from across the world.

When does stuff actually happen?

The first item worth knowing is when do matches, training and other elements happen. In WES we follow a real world calendar and the processes, which play matches and execute player training run once per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can always check if you have matches upcoming by checking either your team homepage calendar or your schedule/results page, which is also available from the team homepage.

Matches and training begin to run at 11:15AM GMT with the lottery process running right after this completes (usually by around 11:30AM GMT). The game engine always stays on GMT, so be aware that due to daylight savings the time zone can shift relative to your own.

  1. League matches run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  2. Regional Cup matches run on Sundays*
  3. WES Cup matches run on Wednesdays*
  4. Friendly matches can be scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays andSundays***

*Only applicable if you are in these competitions (more info here).
**Assuming you have no cup competition commitments, which overwrite friendly fixtures.
***Overwritten by cup matches on occasion (if you are involved in these).

What should I do about player training then?

Basically the minimum you want to do (ideally!) is log on and make sure your players don’t become overworked. You can check this via the player training page on your team homepage left hand menu. You’re particularly looking for players who might be shown with a blue marker or whose black bar is moving very close to the end of the fitness bar. Theres a load more information on player training here.

Player Training Page

What is this salary cap thing?

A critical element to World Elite Soccer is the team salary cap (also known as team salary). Each team in WES has a salary cap of $95m, which in effect means that the total salaries of all your players can never exceed $95m.

You can check your team’s current salary status by visiting your team homepage – it’s in the left hand column. In the example below, Antwerp have a current team salary of $93m, which means they have $2m left of cap space to play with.

Team Salary

How is the team salary calculated?

If you go to your player’s page, accessible via the left hand team navigation you should see a column called ‘Salary’. Your teams total salary status is a calculation of all player salaries added together – this would include players that may not be evident on the first tab. If you have players that are suspended, injured or released (but still under contract) they would also be included in your total team salary.

Salary Cap

What should I be aware of then?

You need to be very aware of your player’s individual salaries, contract length and worth as time goes by. As players develop (say from a youth player into their mid/late 20’s) their worth could well rise sharply. Likewise as older players enter the twilight of their career their worth can decline leaving you paying a higher salary than you need to.

Whenever a players contract expires you would need to re-sign that player at their market worth, which can put your cap space under strain.

Player Salary

For example, Paul Falix shown above has a current salary of $4.75M, putting minimal strain on the Antwerp salary cap, but if Antwerp wanted to re-sign Falix today to a longer contract they would be re-signing him at $7M, taking significantly more of Antwerp’s total salary cap space.

As part of managing a team in WES you’ll need to keep a close check on player contracts, re-signing, trading or releasing players at the right points to keep your salary cap in check. The goal is to build a strong squad that can cover you on multiple fronts (league, cup, friendlies) whilst remaining at or below $95M.

How do I resign or release a player?

When logged in and viewing your own players you can find options available by clicking on the [+] icon to the left of each player. The resulting drop down list will only show valid options based on a number of factors. Below is 3 examples to cover off a number of different scenarios.

Enrique Moreno can be re-signed because his contract is less than 5 years and his new salary wouldn’t increase and make the team go over its salary cap of $95m. He can’t however be released because he’s currently in my game line-up. If I removed him and came back to this page I could then release him.

Vedran Simunovic can’t be released because he is my line-up, but he also can’t be resigned despite having a contract less than 5 years long. This is because his worth is higher than his current contract and re-signing him would put this teams salary above the allowed $95m.

Piotr Golinski has all options available.

Resign, Release, Transfer

More to come soon!