This post will run you through the trading aspect of World Elite Soccer, which we feel is the key element that really sets WES apart from many football management games out there. Why? because we don’t have a traditional transfer market whereby managers can buy and sell players for fictional money.

Yes, managers can sign and bid on new players (see lottery & free agents section – coming soon!) but it’s a totally level playing field where every manager has an equal chance of winning these players.

Instead of buying and selling players managers need to trade with other teams. For example, lets say you need a forward and another manager needs a defender – you could trade one of your defenders for one of their forwards.

The key thing to always try to bear in mind is that your offers should be fair, which basically means that you are offering something of real value to the other manager. There is little point offering a 33-year-old defender who can’t win challenges for a 5- finish striker in their prime – that’s a good way to frustrate another manager ☺

You can’t buy your way to success in WES, the most successful managers got there by spending time playing, scouting and making trades with other managers.

How to Trade

There is probably no better place to conduct trades than via the chat room, which is accessible via the top navigation. You will typically find managers in here who are open to trading or managers who can give you advice and guidance on what is a good/fair trade and what is not. If you’re not sure initially then seek some 2nd or 3rd opinions.

If you’ve decided to delve into the world of trading (and not every manager does!) then you probably first need to identify what you’re looking for or start some conversations with managers in chat, via WESMail or via the message boards. If you have some target players in mind then your next step is to navigate to the transactions page, which is accessible via your team’s left hand navigation.

This will take you to a screen that by default is selected to the offer trade tab. From the offer trade tab I can select a team that I would like to offer a trade to.

Transactions Pages

This will open up a new section that allows me to select the players involved in the trade. As you select players on your own team and that of the team you wish to trade with it will auto validate and confirm if the trade offer can be made.

Validation Rules

  1. You can’t offer a trade that would put either your team or the other team over the $95M salary cap.
  2. You can’t offer a trade that would result in either of the teams involved going below the 17-player minimum (during the season) or 14 player minimum (during the offseason).

Offer Trade

Once I have created a valid trade offer I can submit this, at which point the manager of the team I am offering the trade to will receive a WESMail notification that a trade has been offered to them and it will also appear in the pending trades page.

Pending Trades

If you are receiving an offer you can also view them here and by clicking on view you can take action (i.e., reject, accept or withdraw an offer).

Different managers value different things when it comes to trading and this is something to be aware of because it can be a slightly passionate area of discussion within the game.

Some managers value youth players they can develop, whereas others like to trade in proven veterans that can immediately strengthen their first 11. The key is often to figure out both what you want and what the other manager seems to favour. If the manager is clearly building a youthful outfit to develop and has a strong veteran player you would like, then perhaps your best bet is to offer them a good youth player in return.

Likewise if a team is challenging for a division 1 title, they may be interested in proven veteran reinforcements. You could try getting one of their younger players by offloading a solid veteran.

Bottom line – consider the potential needs/wants of other teams. Don’t just blindly offer something if you really want their player(s). Negotiation is a skill…. some of our managers are better than others ☺

New User Temporary Trading Block: Due to the nature of trading in WES, we impose a brief trading block on all new managers. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience, but we have found that it is best for new managers to learn the basics before they start potentially trading their best players to other teams.

Top Tip: Try contacting managers via WESMail or Chat before making a trade offer. It’s definitely not a necessity, but you can often find out if certain players are available and if so what the other manager might want in return before you spend time making offers.